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* By law we cannot answer any questions regarding any of of our medicine unless you are an existing patient.


Welcome to Medical Marijuana Educational Center also known as MMEC!

We know you have many choices in the High Desert and we would like to thank you for trusting us as your Medical Cannabis Collective.

MMEC was founded on the belief of providing Top Medicinal Strains locally grown and harvested in our region along with concentrates, drinks, edibles and topical’s for all patients with all budgets, health backgrounds and tastes.

We are proud to be the largest Delivery Service in the High Desert with over 400+ items on our menu.  Every year MMEC has grown in both size and efficiency as we accommodate the very clear demand in the High Desert for quality/tested and properly labeled medicine.

MMEC is SB420 & Prop215 compliant and are awaiting for sensible regulation in the State of California.

The love & support from all our patients keeps us focused on our valuable mission of providing the best medicine to all our patients in the most compassionate, informative and professional way.


MMEC is proud to serve the entire High Desert with over 400 tested and properly labeled items on our menu.  We understand the importance of having a variety of medication available to all our patients with different ailments such as PTSD, MS, Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Cancer, Insomnia, Anxiety, Arthritis, AID’s, Back Pain, Lupus and many more treatable diseases.  Several of the  brands we carry are:


OUR Promise?  Its simple. Provide the safest and most compassionate service today and tomorrow.  These are not just words to us, we live them and it is apparent in our actions.  Our Volunteers go above and beyond everyday for our patients and they are guided by our mission:

“To Care, to help heal, & to excel in service to our community”


As our patient, you trust MMEC to help you select the proper medication for any of the ailments you are suffering from.  We understand the importance of protecting your privacy so all of our data is stored on a remote server with several million codes of encryption.  With HIPAA compliance at the forefront of regulation, MMEC is proud to be 1 step ahead of this important issue.


MMEC is proud to be involved in many important social issues in our community.  From donating funds to the High Desert Homeless Shelter and A Better Way (Domestic Violence), to assisting during the Bluecut Fires. MMEC understands that genuine participation is key to leading by example for all members and businesses in our community.  Being involved at the local level is an important element that respects the rights and abilities of the entire community.   
By doing this, MMEC believes it will greatly enrich and strengthen programs to help achieve more sustainable, appropriate and effective community programs in the High Desert.


We understand that there are many holistic choices available to our patients in the High Desert.  Knowing this keeps us focused on providing the fastest and most efficient delivery service while obeying all our local and federal laws.  Our goal is to ensure that we respect and connect with our patients on a personal level. 
This type of bond allows us to understand what our patients are truly suffering from so that we can discreetly and effectively assist them with the proper medication for their ailment(s). 


One of our most valuable resources is our volunteer program for Patient Advocates.  Our goal is to provide our patients with the most knowledgeable and compassionate volunteers in the High Desert.   It is easy to become overwhelmed with the vast information about the various treatments that should be considered and our goal is to assist our patients and their Doctors with the resources necessary to assure the best medicine when considering treatment.  
MMEC’s goal is to increase awareness and understanding through Education, Information & Advocacy of all the medical benefits & healing properties of medical cannabis. 



Proposition 215 and what it means to you: 


MMEC is fully compliant with California State Laws SB420 and Prop 215, and we only deliver to qualified medical marijuana patients with a current, valid recommendation. We carry a full selection of medical cannabis including flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, hash, and CO2-extracted oils, and we do NOT carry anything extracted with butane. We deliver to Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, Adelanto, Lucerne Valley and the ENTIRE HIGH DESERT.

MMEC is by far the most knowledgeable and informative collective in the High Desert. We are staffed with volunteers that have years of experience and can answer any questions you might have.

MMEC is open everyday from 8am - 8pm and delivers to the entire High Desert. Our volunteers are compassionate individuals offering reliable and discreet delivery service.

MMEC offers their members everyday: Clean Medication | Wide Variety of Medications | Quality Customer Care | Fast and Reliable Delivery Service

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